Full Face Mask


Full Face Mask

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For the individuals breathing through their mouths, it can be an intimidating task to find the appropriate CPAP mask for their requirements. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the best full face CPAP mask for all those breathing through their mouths while they are asleep along with the advantages of using the masks at present.

It will be feasible to improve one's CPAP treatment by using a CPAP full face mask. A CPAP mask is going to fit a bigger area from the top of the nose to below the lower lip. It helps to create a seal over the mouth as well as the nose. Mouth breathing and a CPAP mask are going to function together properly given that the pressure delivery is not reduced while the patient is breathing from the mouth.

In general, a full face CPAP mask is actually recommended for individuals breathing by means of their mouths while sleeping and those having colds along with stuffy noses.

Advantages offered by full face CPAP masks

Being larger as compared to nasal masks or nasal pillows, the full face CPAP masks are comfy for many individuals since it enables them to breathe by means of their mouths without minimizing pressure delivery. For this reason, individuals needing a high-pressure setting will do best with the full face masks.

Amongst the other essential benefits of these types of masks, mention may be made of the following:

  • Appropriate for individuals having a nasal septum which is deviated
  • Ideal for individuals suffering from claustrophobia
  • Appropriate for mouth breathers
  • Ideal for high-pressure settings due to the wider surface area which helps to make the pressure tolerable for the patient
  • Appropriate for individuals sleeping on their back
  • Does not strain the nasal passages in cold weather conditions
  • Ideal for people whose jaws tend to drop while sleeping
  • Excellent for people struggling with dry mouth

Last but not least, the full face CPAP masks typically come with supportive pieces that are required to fit the cheeks as well as forehead to make sure that the patient has a proper seal.

Best CPAP full face mask for breathing through the mouth

CPAP therapy can be considered to be ideal for the treatment of sleep apnea. In fact, breathing through the nose can be considered to be a natural way of inhaling the air. Mouth breathing comes with many drawbacks. Nevertheless, in case you breathe through the mouth while sleeping, you will be able to benefit a lot by using a full face CPAP mask.

One notable reason why some patients are struggling with their CPAP treatment is because of the mask which they are using. It is of prime importance to come across the proper mask which will be able to satisfy your specific requirements so that you will be able to continue with your CPAP therapy successfully.

It will also be a sensible idea to go through the CPAP full face mask reviews which will help you to decide on which particular mask you should use.

Do you breathe through your mouth?

In case it is so, you are not the only one. Mouth breathing, also called xerostomia, happens because of various reasons. Things such as nasal congestion, colds, sinus problems, or allergies are typically temporary and will resolve after a while.

However, it is not a temporary thing when it comes to persistent mouth breathing, and this is not going to resolve by itself. In case your mouth breathing is because of a deviated septum or your facial bone structures, it will be prudent to receive treatment immediately.

It will be possible to dismiss breathing for the mouth as a problem with an easy solution - you simply begin to breathe through the nose once you observe that you are breathing through your mouth. However, it is not possible for patients suffering from sleep apnea to breathe from their nose since their mouth-breathing takes place once they are slumbering and unconscious.

It is very important to make use of the proper full face CPAP mask in case you are breathing by means of your mouth while you're asleep. Try to get hold of a full face mask right now and start your CPAP therapy. There are various online sites from where you can purchase these types of masks and investing your money on CPAP full face mask Amazon will be a sensible idea given that Amazon is one of the most reliable sites out there.

While sleeping the muscles of the neck will relax and they can block the airway. This will interrupt the breathing process, causing sleep apnea and snoring. When a person cannot breathe properly at night, the sleep of the person is interrupted at night resulting in insomnia. This can cause a large number of health problems, adversely affecting the productivity. To overcome this problem, the continuous positive air pressure (cpap) machine has been developed, to maintain the air pressure in the respiratory tract, so that the person does not face any problem breathing.

The cpap machine consists of a pump for oxygen, a hose and facemask which is connected using a hose to the pump. Depending on the severity of the problem, different types of face masks are available. The most basic kind of face mask is a nasal face mask. This face mask will only cover the nose. Most people who are facing a problem with sleep apnea, will usually try the nasal mask. While in some cases, the nasal face mask may help the person get some relief, in other cases it may not be effective because the person is also breathing from the mouth while sleeping. So the person should opt for a full face mask for cpap machine.

The full mask will cover both the nose and the mouth of the person who is sleeping to regulate the breathing so that the person does not face any problem. The mask is made from high grade medical liquid silicone. This ensures that the person does not face any kind of problem wearing the mask. Other plastic materials used are polycarbonate and ABS. The face mask has one buckle on the top side and another buckle at the lower side. Velcro straps can be attached to these buckles, so that the face mask can be fitted easily at night and removed in the morning.

Since the users of the face mask will have different face sizes, the face mask is available in three different sizes, large, medium and small. Before ordering the face mask, the buyer should check the dimensions of the face mask for each of the three sizes, measure the dimensions of their own face and the choose the right face mask. The mask also has a setting to adjust the height so that it will fit the face properly based on face type. Additionally the mask has a adjuster for the forehead, so that the user can wear it easily.

The best full face cpap mask for side sleepers is designed so that the mouth and nose of the person are completely covered, and the person can sleep without any kind of interruption at night. Since they cover a larger area, these full cpap masks are usually larger and bulkier than the nasal only masks. For maximum effectiveness the user should clean the face properly before wearing the mask. The mask should connected using a hose to the cpap machine. After this the mask should be fixed on the face by adjusting the strap, so that it is firmly fixed on the face and does not slip off.

To ensure that the total face cpap mask is effective and can be used for the longest possible time, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and cleaning of the mask. Ideally the mask should be cleaned every day in the morning soon after it is removed from the face. This will help in removing all the face oils which have been transferred to the face mask while sleeping. It is easier to remove the oils after getting up instead of waiting till the oil has dried.

Another way to clean the face mask is by using warm water or a baby soap. After cleaning the face mask should be allowed to dry. Antibacterial soaps and similar cleaning liquids should not be used since they can damage the silicone used in the mask. Soaps which contain harmful lotions should also not be used for cleaning the face masks since they will deposit a coating on the mask, and the face mask will not seal the face completely. Professional CPAP cleaning solutions are also available, which remove all the grime without damaging the face mask. So if the full face CPAP mask is worn, cleaned and maintained properly, it can help a person sleep well at night.

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