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Product features
Forehead spinner
• worm gear and worm drive design
• stepless regulating forehead pad location
• adjust position can be self-locked

High comfort level pad
• activity type soft mat
• elastic adjustable
• with air holes

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If your doctor has asked you to use a CPAP machine to help with your breathing disruption during your sleep (sleep apnea), you should continue reading this.

You may worry that you might be coupled with a noisy machine, with the tubes here-and-there, the CPAP Mask hanging from your chin with the straps running throughout your face. Don't worry, you are at the right place, learn all about the best nasal CPAP mask here. While it is true that you may find it difficult initially, but it is not the limiting factor.

CPAP or "continuous-positive-air-pressure" therapy is done using a machine to ensure a person has breathing disorder while sleeping, this machine pushes air to the throat to ensure the airpipe does not collapse while breathing during sleep. A CPAP kit will have these things in it

  1. A nasal mask for CPAP machine, generally to cover your nose as well as your mouth
  2. A mask that will cover only your nose
  3. Pillows or prongs that fit your nose

What Should you Expect from a CPAP machine:

While it takes time to adjust and learn to use the machine, at times you might find it hard to get used to it, in such cases consult your doctor to learn about the best nasal pillow CPAP mask that fits your nose.

Why is a CPAP machine used:

It is the best non-surgical treatment for sleep apnea. If the mask is a correct fit for your nose, the air pressure can be kept constant in your air pipe, you must find the correct mask for your face, and correct straps that fit you the best to hold the mask in place. You need to check out multiple options to find the right thing. You might wish to consult a sleep therapist to find you the best CPAP mask.

How effective is it:

Research says CPAP is very effective for people suffering from sleep apnea. It helps people with medium to severe conditions, people who use CPAP masks for more than 7 hours at night don't feel daytime drowsiness, and have fewer heart issues. Studies have also revealed that people using this machine have a steady blood pressure throughout.

Things You Should Know About:

Noise: Earlier the CPAP machines were heavy and loud, some even made a clicking sound, however with the advancement of technology machines today are near-silent. So it is not just the person using the machine but the sleeping partner also need not worry about it.

Pressure: Today the CPAP machines come with various pressure settings of the airflow. Some even offer features of variable air pressure for inhaling and exhaling. Your doctor or sleep therapist can help you find out the correct air pressure level that is comfortable and brings a good night's sleep.

Dryness: While some CPAP machine users say the forced air from the machine dries out their nostrils and mouth at times. However, that issue has been taken care of now, today the machines have built-in humidifiers, some even have features to heat the air and make it moisture-rich to avoid such problems.

Trouble in breathing using your Nose: if you have sinus issues, any form of allergies or sinus problems, or have an accident causing the nose to be damaged physically, there are chances that you may face some problems when you use a CPAP machine. But there is nothing to worry about these problems, they can be taken care of by treating your nose congestion either with medicines or through allergy treatments. the problem usually goes away when you treat your congestion, whether with medicine or through surgery in consultation with your doctor.

Things to Remember


While using CPAP, you should visit your sleep therapist or doctor frequently. Read more about the correct way to use the mashing and ways to sleep better using the machine


For optimal results, ensure the machine is cleaned regularly, use the instruction manual for the right way to clean it.


The general problem with people is that they don't use the CPAP machine every night. Even worst they tend to take it off because it is uncomfortable. Remember not using the machine will only make you drowsy during the day.

Appreciating CPAP Machines and Masks

For many people, CPAP devices are the best solution for OSA (Obstructive- Sleep-Apnea). The only challenge for sleep specialists or doctors is convincing the people to use it every night. Apart from poor sleep, people who don't get the problem treated risk heart attack, high BP, or other health-related problems. So if you or anyone you know is suffering from OSA, recommend them to consult a doctor and use a CPAP Machine.

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