CPAP Machine with Humidifier


Provide therapy at only one, continuous pressure

CPAP machines adopts continuous positive airway pressure therapy to treat or alleviate related respiratory diseases.

It is suitable for clinical treatment of sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS).

Product Accessories included:
Nasal Mask or full face mask, Headgear, Tube, Filter, Power Adapter, User Manual & Traveling Bag

Machine Warranty: 1 Year

Certificate: CE

Brand Name: CPAP Amazon (Design in USA, Assembled in China)

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How to use the Positive Airway Pressure Devices?


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How Much Do CPAP Machines Cost?

If you search "CPAP machine cost" or "CPAP machine for sale" online, you will notice that the average cost for one ranges between US$500 to US$3000; the median price for one is around US$850. With such a variation in price, it can be daunting trying to determine which machine will better suit your need.

If you decide to acquire a CPAP machine online or from a medical supply retailer, it is likely to cost less than going through your insurance company. The price of different machine models tends to fluctuate somewhat because each model comes with its own unique features. If you decide to get a CPAP machine through your insurance company, they choose the machine for you, and you have no say in the matter. The insurance company receives reimbursement whether you get a top of the range machine or a mediocre one, so, they have little incentive to choose the highest quality machine for you.

Whichever route you decide to acquire your unit, be aware that before purchasing a CPAP machine, you must talk to a healthcare provider to obtain a prescription. A medical professional can best stipulate what pressure is required to treat OSA, and a sleep study must be conducted to discern if you do, in fact, have Sleep Apnea. If the sleep study reveals that you have Sleep Apnea, you will be prescribed a course of treatment that might necessitate the support of a CPAP machine.

CPAP machines

Buying A CPAP Machine Online

Most people want to buy a decent quality CPAP machine, but, understandably, may not want to spend too much money on one. You have perhaps searched "CPAP machine amazon" or "cheap CPAP machine" because you want the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a decent CPAP machine for sale and you don't wish to spend too much, check this out.

For US$549, you get a great, portable CPAP machine that adopts continuous positive airway therapy to alleviate or treat respiratory-related diseases. This device has a user-friendly LCD display. The model is CPAP Generation 1, and it is suitable for the clinical treatment of Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome or (OSAHS). The CPAP Generation 1 device has a backlighting function to facilitate night operation. This machine is stylishly designed, and it's easy to wipe down due to its fine piano lacquer. Let's explore more features of this unit:


The CPAP Generation 1 model is quiet

One of the best features of this CPAP machine is that it is rated lower than 30 dB. A unit that is rated at 30 dB or lower functions at "whisper level," this means you can sleep peacefully while you use it.


The ramp-up feature of the CPAP Generation 1 model

Let's discuss the ramp duration of the CPAP Generation 1 model; it goes from 0 to 60 mins; you may wonder why this is important. A CPAP machine must be able to start out from the lowest pressure, and gradually, over time, reach the necessary pressure for CPAP therapy. The ramp feature is essential for the success of your treatment. You'll barely notice the machine operating when it starts off from the lowest pressure. The machine's pressure increases once you fall asleep - you would otherwise notice the pressure as it increases.


Recording the smart data on the CPAP Generation 1 model

With this machine, you can record relevant data gathered during your sleep cycles - this allows you to conduct your own sleep study from the comfort of your own home. You can record how long you slept and how long the machine operated. This machine has a USB port so that you can download the data to your PC or laptop.


The CPAP Generation 1 model is portable

Portability is crucial for a CPAP machine because you want to move freely from one point to another. Consider that you may need to go on vacation or be away on business, so it is essential to be able to carry the CPAP machine with ease when traveling.


The Price Of CPAP Machines

The most common signs of having sleep apnea include loud snoring, morning headaches, lethargy throughout the day, mood changes, and many more. If you currently have any of the common symptoms of OSA, your healthcare provider must conduct a sleep test to diagnose you as having sleep apnea. He or she may prescribe the use of a CPAP machine to support your CPAP therapy.

Your healthcare provider should discuss with you the pressure you require to treat OSA and will further advise you on a device - that will be a deciding factor on how much you are likely to spend on a home CPAP machine. CPAP breathing machine prices vary from one model to another.

CPAP Machine Prices

Before discussing how much CPAP machines cost, you must understand that the components of the CPAP machine, their quality, and longevity have a significant impact on the cost of the device. Frequent replacement of CPAP machine supplies is essential to effective therapy. However, If you learn to clean your CPAP machine, that will reduce the cost of needing to replace supplies too often, and it will keep them in use for longer.

The two main components of the CPAP device are the pump and the mask. Generally, there are four kinds of sleep apnea masks; they include full-face masks, oral masks, nasal pillows, and nasal masks.

CPAP machine prices vary a lot, but you are likely to spend anything from US$500 to US$3000. If you decide to get your device through your insurance company, it will likely cost you more money, and it doesn't mean they will get the best device for you.

Replacing CPAP Machine Supplies

As previously mentioned, the replacement of supplies can significantly impact the overall cost of your unit. Let's talk about the supplies you need to maintain and eventually replace for an optimum sleep CPAP machine:

1 CPAP Mask Headgear

You must replace your mask headgear every 6 to 9 months, but you should aim to get the most out of your mask headgear.

The CPAP mask headgear will eventually stretch out; you can adjust your headgear so that it fits comfortably. Wash the headgear with gentle soap now and again.

Signs that it's time to replace your CPAP headgear include visible tears or rips, frayed fabric, and a feeling of general discomfort when in use.

2 CPAP Hoses and Tubing

You must replace your hoses and tubing every 6 to 12 months, but you should aim to get the most out of the hoses and tubing by using a CPAP hose cover to touch the hose gently and to prevent furniture scratches.

Do not tangle the hose and tubing, and it will last longer.

Signs that it's time to replace your CPAP hoses and tubing include loose hose connections, air leakage, visible tears or rips, visible mold growth, strange odors, and mineral build-up.

3 CPAP Air Filter

You must replace your air filter every 3 to 6 months, CPAP air filters are not washable or reusable. CPAP filters last for a maximum of 180 days.

Once your air filter has reached its full use, you must replace it.

Signs that it's time to replace your CPAP air filter include strange odors, low airflow, and visible dirt/dust.

Let's Talk About The CPAP Generation 1 Model

Nobody should ever have to pay more money than is necessary on a decent-quality CPAP machine and its supplies. For a decent CPAP unit check out in

The price of the machine is US$549, and that's excellent value for money. For that price, you get a great machine that is user-friendly, portable, and it operates at whisper level - this is vital for a good night's sleep while the machine works. This machine boasts a ramp-up feature that starts with the lowest pressure and gradually increases so that you barely notice the machine operating - this is a great feature that makes life more comfortable for the user.

The cost of supplies for the CPAP machine is affordable, so you won't spend too much money on replacing items.

You can get a full face mask for US$49.90; it has adjustable height settings as well as a forehead adjuster for a comfortable fit under any condition. It's also easy to clean.

A nasal mask costs US$39.90, it has a two-height option and a forehead adjuster to make it fit more comfortably.

The CPAP tube and hose costs US$29.90; the tubing has a smooth interior for a quiet and non-resistant pressure. The silicone rubber ends are high-quality and long-lasting.

The headgear costs US$19.90, and it adapts easily to different faces, it's comfortable and easy to use. The headgear is also long-lasting.

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