CPAP Tube / Hose

This standard, grey CPAP tubing has a smooth interior for quiet and nonresistant pressure. The high quality silicone-rubber ends are very durable. 6ft, 8ft, & 10ft sizes are available.



If you have diagnosed sleep apnea your Doctor will have told you to get the following: a cpap machine, cpap hose, a heated hose, cpap mask and hose, CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure delivers a steady, gentle flow of air throughout the night, this will keep your airways open and may be a lifelong treatment.

How to purchase your CPAP equipment Description

So if you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea you will require the treatment as soon as possible, go online to and check out the products as everything you need is there in the one place. This is what you need : A cpap hose, if you are in a cold climate a cpap heated hose, a cpap mask and hose, cpap machine , cpap machine hose, cpap hose amazon. You will get all these products in one order at

What is a CPAP Machine?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is necessary when your airway relaxes during sleep causing throat muscles to block the airway. Often this condition manifests in snoring and during the snoring the breathing pauses. Once you have the CPAP machine use it every night as it has many health benefits to, it should stop or reduce your snoring by keeping the airways open. The machines are light and do not take up much room. Get the right mask for you, and you may need a heated hose if you are in a cold climate. There are several face masks including a full face mask, the mask should be fitted while you are in a sleeping position, and with air blowing at the prescribed pressure through the tubing and mask.

What is CPAP machine?

How to work your CPAP Machine

Your cpap machine will have controls and may have an interface, and when you get used to the cpap mask and hose it should not disturb your sleep, but in fact will enhance sleep as you will be getting more oxygen. Check out the blog, and you will get more of an idea about the equipment available, check out the community forum, as all these resources are free of charge.

Untreated Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea it should be treated, and if you are overweight it is important to get back to a normal weight range, lose say 10% of your weight to avoid heart disease, diabetes and other conditions. It is also important to reduce alcohol down to a minimum and do not take sleeping pills. If you are a smoker, give it up as it is very bad for the respiratory system. However you will still require a cpap machine, cpap hose and cpap mask. Your Doctor may send a visiting nurse to your house to assess your sleeping position and make recommendations about your requirements. Once this happens you will be ready to place your online order and start treatment as soon as possible.


Having sleep apnea and requiring a cpap machine is very common and nothing to worry about as long as you get diagnosed and start your treatment, and often your Doctor will recommend a 'sleep study' where you are hospitalized over night and your sleep is monitored on a computer program. The leads are attached to you and data gathered while you sleep leading to a definitive diagnosis, this is not a painful process and you go home in the morning and your Doctor gets the results of the tests.

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