CPAP / AutoCPAP / BiPAP Nasal Mask for Sleep Apea
1. Material: PC, ABS, Medical liquid silicone
2. Color: Colorless and transparent
3. Applicability: Adapting to different faces
4. Leakproofness: No or almost no air leakage
5. Comfort level: Comfortable and easeful
6. Wearing: Easy to wear with a headgear
7. Cleaning: Easy to clean in warm soap-suds
8. Durability: Durable, non-disposable


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CPAP equipment of cpap mask, headgear (order on amazon), where you will find all your equipment for cpap machine, also cpap masks.

These products will all be required for your headgear for cpap machine and headgear strap. Once you are ready to order go to cpapamazon.com place your online order and the essential equipment will be delivered to you.

Importance of CPAP Therapy

It is extremely important to take your cpap therapy seriously as once you are diagnosed with sleep apnea it is likely you will be treated for life. Because of your condition your oxygen levels will be falling during the night, and cpap will maintain them at where they should be for good health. Once you have continuing low oxygen levels during sleep it can lead to cognitive impairment and early dementia. Also low levels of oxygen during sleep can lead to a stroke which is another debilitating illness.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

If you feel that you may be developing sleep apnea, or your partner tells you that you are snoring there is something you can do before you go along to the Doctor. Download Epworth Sleepiness Scale (online) This is a decision making tool to show whether you might have sleep apnea.

It consists of 8 questions which are easily scored and when added indicate four categories :
• Never
• Slight
• Moderate
• High

The questions are based on day time sleepiness questions about dozing off.
Once you have scored it if you answer never you are OK, but any of the other 3 categories take 'the scale' along and present to the Doctor as evidence, as he/she will want to go on and organize a sleep study to confirm the findings.

Does Sleep Apnea go away?

Sleep disorders and problems with sleep including sleep apnea increase with age, with 50% of people over 65 having some kind of sleep related problem. Sleep apnea can reduce your life expectancy, so it is very important to deal with the problem and get your cpap machine as soon as possible. Sometimes the problem occurs in children, especially if they are overweight, and this should be taken seriously and reviewed by a Doctor,
unless the child loses weight the sleep apnea will not go away


CPAP equipment Masks, Headgear and CPAP Headgear strap.

Once you know what you require to manage your condition it is easy enough to go onto cpapamazon.com and get your order in, you are dealing with a significant medical condition which needs to be under control. The continuous positive airway pressure therapy is easily managed at home with very little training in use of the products required. The smallest mask size that fits without pinching should be used. Headgear should be secure, but not too tight. The cushions should not be crushed against the face.

If you use a full face mask and wear dentures, remember that your face mask was fitted with your dentures in, so do not take them out at night or the mask won't fit properly.
If your mask becomes worn or torn replace it immediately, otherwise it will not be effective.
Remember to clean your mask every day, and to keep all your equipment clean.

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Cleaners for Mask available and really important to keep your mask disinfected.
Buy the cleaner along with your mask(s) you will need more than one mask, and it is extremely important to keep your masks really clean and free from Bacteria. The Sunset Cleaning Wipes will clean your mask quickly.

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